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From Funky and Fun Zig Zags to Pantone Plain Nylon or Keep Them Safe Reflective Polka Dots. Puppies have fine needle teeth and love to chew to help relief teething pain and also for pure exploration; so please ensure you check the collar and lead for wear and tear and replace if there is any damage.

Puppy and Small Dog Collars & Lead Sets

Black Stars Puppy Set

Black Nylon Puppy Set

Pink Nylon Puppy Set

Blue Tartan Puppy Set

Red Nylon Puppy Set

Pink Tartan Puppy Set

Slumber PuppyPuppy___Small_Dog_Beds.htmlPuppy___Small_Dog_Beds.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0

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of Snuggly Warm Puppy Beds

Zig Zag Puppy Set
Blue PS4205      Pink PS4206

Reflective Dots Puppy Set Mixed Pack of 6

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